Creating a Program

If you want to launch your bug bounty program of your product/app then you need create a program.

Creating a program is very easy. Follow these steps to create your program.

  1. Login to your organization ( customer ) account and click on Program menu, click on the '+' icon on the top right of the page.

2. Choose your desired program type ( Managed or Unmanaged )

3. Once you click on any ( Managed ) it will ask us those choose either you want to run public or private program, select Public ( as we do not have private program yet )

4. Once you click on any ( Pubic Program ) then you will ask another type, either you want to run 'Reward & Point ) or 'Point Only' program.

5. Once you select 'Reward & Point' then you will be able to add the program details.

Here are the program details.

  1. Program Name: Name of your product/app which will be publicly available for all the users.

  2. Tagline: Product tagline, if you have any.

  3. Description: Here you need to add your product description for users, describing what is the product all about.

  4. Additional Description: Here you need to add any additional description if you have.

  5. Upload Logo: You need to add your product logo.

For example, we will be creating a Program of 'eSewa' , here's how it is done.

6. Once you add all, click on 'Continue' and you will be on the adding target form.

Here you need to add the scope or testing URL for the users.

You can add more targets using the ' + ' on the top right side.

Currently, we support:

  1. Website

  2. API

  3. Android

  4. iOS

For Android and iOS , you can add Playstore or AppStore link.

7. Once you add target, and click on 'Continue' you will need to add reward next.

Here, you can define your own reward range according to the severity.

Note: Reward needs to be in descending order.

8. Now, once you have added the reward, click on 'Continue' and now you need to Review your program and edit or change if there is anything you want to.

9. Once you are done, click on submit. Once you submit, it needs to be approved before your program goes LIVE. It usually takes 1-2 business days for this process.

10. Your recently created program will be visible at program page with status 'Pending'

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